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Month: December 2018

Here’s a Little Gift

We weren’t kidding when we said, “Here’s a Little Gift.” We’ve made some tiny, little gift boxes! But what’s more, they’re actually pin cushions! Instead of just showing them off, we’re going show you how to make them. It’s a good way to make use of excess materials and have some fun. Celebrate the winter holidays or surprise a friend with these cute presents!

Two finished gift box pin cushions with pins stuck in them. One is white with a deep blue ribbon (winter,) the other is green with a red ribbon (joyful.)

They can be any size and colour you want, but for this guide we’ll be making a green rectangular¬†present. (4″ x 2″ x 1.75″)

Here’s what we need:
> 2″ x 4″ x 1.75″ foam rectangle
> 6.5″ x 7.5” fabric square
> 24” of thin ribbon
> Matching thread

Sewing Materials


On the shorter sides (6.5″,) fold the edges 1/2” and iron. Tuck the raw edges into the fold and iron again.

Hemming Fabric

Sew the hem along the inside edge on both sides.

Sewing Hem

Creating the Pocket

Fold the fabric in half with right sides together putting the two hemmed sides together at the top. Sew 1/4” along the side edges. Clip the corners and turn the pocket right side out.

Making the Pocket

Wrapping the Present

Slip the foam into the pocket. Notice that the corners don’t match up (foam corner doesn’t sit in fabric corner) and that the seams run along the middle of the foam block.

Into the Pocket

Fold one hemmed side down and then lay the other side on top of it.

First Fold

Pin down the folds to hold their place. Tuck in the ends to create a point on each side.

Pointed Ends

Overlap the triangles and pin them together.

Pinned sides

Hand stitch the pointed folds together. Remove the pins once secure.

Hand Sewing

Finishing Touches

Wrap the ribbon under the box and twist the ribbon at the back.


Return the ribbon to the front; one strand goes up, the other down.

Tying the present

Tie a bow and viola! It’s done!

Finished gift box shaped pin cushions. One is white with a blue ribbon (winter,) the other is green with a red ribbon (joyful.)

Super simple and very adorable, right? Fill them with pins, decorate the house, or give them to loved ones. I hope you all enjoy! Happy Holidays!

We’re Still Here

Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile, but we’re back… Sorry for the unannounced hiatus! You’re probably thinking something like,¬†“A hiatus? Just after starting? You didn’t even post anything!” or “Who are you?” Well, here’s a little¬†refresher on who we are.

Don’t fear though, we’ve been busy little bees during our break. Most of our time has been dedicated to paper work… Not too interesting, huh? On the brighter side, we’re finally on social media! So make sure to follow us on Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Our designer has been sewing up some cute winter knickknacks which we’ll be posting about soon.

Thank you for your patience,

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